Fiery SWEP Base - Public ALPHA2.0 release

I’m here today to unveil a long term personal project that’s still in the works, but is ready for general testing and usage,

** • Fiery Weapons Base •
ALPHA 2.0 **

This swep base was created from weapon_cs_base and is designed for common swep needs (covered below), most of which are for RP.

Keep in mind that this is ONLY AN ALPHA, and is NOT Final

The weapon pack includes all of the C_model cstrike models, as well as some custom weapons, and even a DoD:S colt (for fun)!

the base supports dual wielded weapons, burst rifles, permanent silenced weapons, MG’s, empty weapon animations, and soon will support melee and thrown weapons.

Download on Workshop!


Hold type fix included
Hold type aliases included

Dynamic animation execution for View Model animations and 3rd person animations

Animation engine
• Crunches complex viewmodel and 3rd person animations into efficient, correct SWEP status animations , as-well as handling playback rates, sounds, Idling, and ironsights
• Called with VMact( anim_name, pbr, snd, volume, idle_after, iron_off )
• Can also be called with any number of missing or null values!
• anim_name can be either an enumeration, a string of an enumeration, or a shortcut string like “PRIMARY” “SECONDARY” “DRYFIRE” “RELOAD” “DRAW” “IDLE”
• SWEP.ReloadSound handles any reload sounds that need to be played
• SWEP.DrawSound handles any draw/deploy sounds that need to be played

Multiple animation assignment for weapons (See Fiery Tags for in code names)
• Ironsigh holdtypes (IE holding an AK as “ar2” even tho its hipfire is “shotgun”)
• Hipfire holdtypes (When not aiming or reloading)
• Reload holdtypes (IE reloading an "ar2 "held M4 as “smg”)

3rd Person animations
• All holdtypes are fixed and backwards compatible
• When drawing swep, hold type is set to nothing for 80% of the view models draw sequence, a notable RP feature
• When going into or out of ironsights the hold type changes to show players aiming down the sights, or holding it at the hip/non-sighting


Streamlined weapon delays and actions for better interaction

Ironsights (and similar data) will eventually become completely client controlled via files, currently waiting for data schemes to be considered

Ability to drop a weapons magazine with full animations great for RP (Shotguns have animations for this in works) (Akimbos currently are being looked at for alternative key combos for this)
• (Drop weapon may be added as well)
To use this, Hold Right Mouse + E + R

Fire modes to come, currently designing schemas and considering button combos.

Sniper scopes are planned to be added, and are currently unfinished :confused:

Dual wielded weapons are supported and intuitive, using Right and Left mouse controls for fire

SWEPs can break down doors at certian ranges. Shotguns will do this by default

SWEPs can ignite close targets (where enabled)

When enabled, weapons won’t use Ironsights, and will instead use Aim Assist!
• Uses the con var: swep_AutoAim (0 or 1)
• Weapons held when this var is flipped need to be re-drawn to work
• Aim assist is currently unbiased, but is planned to look at player teams for future filtering
• When close enough to enemies, aim assist will aim for the head

Weapon heat is in development for use later on; Should be available by beta

Weapons cannot fire underwater unless specified (USP & MP5 Navy can)

Automatic weapons experience some variance in shoot delay ** The current setting is fairly higher,**

When firing rapidly, bullets start to rise upward to accommodate recoil animations!

New function: ShootBullet
• Takes more arguments and will tie in with physics calculations to come

New function: **ShootPhysicalBullet **
• Takes same # of arguments as ShootBullet (Further arguments dont need to be passed)
• Shoots a **physical projectile using a stock model and trail effect **
• ** There is a known issue for transferring damage, to fix use console toggle " swep_stock_damage 1" **
• PhysicalBullets are attempting to be engineered to work with Bullet time binds, the physics is challenging

Backwards compatibility with CSShootBullet function integrated


Crosshairs disappear when swep is empty.
Crosshairs become a dot for Ironsights.

swep_reload_rate - console command for setting over all weaoon reload rates (part of formulas)
swep_tracer # - console command for setting a tracer type over all weapons
Tracers[1] = “AR2Tracer”
Tracers[2] = “AirboatGunHeavyTracer”
Tracers[3] = “AirboatGunTracer”
Tracers[4] = “Tracer” – STOCK TRACER, Looks good
Tracers[5] = “StriderTracer”
Tracers[6] = “HelicopterTracer”
Tracers[7] = “GunshipTracer”
Tracers[8] = “LaserTracer” – Hard to see head on


swep_cone - when debugging is enabled, forces a cone for all weapons
swep_physical_bullets - console command to toggle physical bullets [FIXED & WORKING!]
swep_IronSights_FromFile Keep off
cl_swep_FOV - console commands for client FOV
swep_AutoReload - console command to toggle auto reload functionality
swep_stock_damage - toggles the damage mode for physical bullets, keep it 1

cl_crosshair_r - crosshair red
cl_crosshair_g - crosshair green
cl_crosshair_b - crosshair blue
cl_crosshair_a - crosshair alpha

cl_crosshair_scale - Crosshair scale (-1 to disable and use stock)
cl_crosshair_l - crosshair length (30 is default)
cl_crosshair_t - crosshair TOGGLE on or off
cl_crosshair_type - crosshair type

-1 = Just the circle
0 = Just the circle

– |
– - o -
– |
– ||
– = o =
– ||

– - o -
– |

– |
– > o <
– ^
– .
– ’ o ’
– ’

– .
– ‘’ o ‘’
– ’

– ‘-o-’
– ’

– ‘=o=’
– ’

– ‘-o-’
– ’

– ‘-o-’
– ’
– o
– ’
12 - 15 are planned but not yet designed, so they too are nothing

• The color of the inside circle can’t currently be changed! Planned to come!

** Generating sweps using this base **

Creating new sweps using this base is easy!
The creation for a swep file is done normally with only a few extra (and optional) tags and weapon_fiery_base

If you don’t want to use tags, consider using a different base:

weapon_fiery_base_templated – Used by template (Not available in DL), Good for cookie cutter weapon creation

• Fiery Tags •
SWEP.Primary.Clips = 1 – No more counting bullets.
SWEP.Secondary.Clips = 1 – Not integrated on this release
SWEP.Akimbo = false – true to turn on akimbo functions
SWEP.DoesIdle = false – Turn on idle animation functions

SWEP.HoldType = “” – Used for Ironsight
SWEP.HoldType2 = “” – Used for Hipfire
SWEP.ReloadHoldType = “” – Used durring Reload

SWEP.ReloadSound = Sound()
SWEP.DrawSound = Sound()

SWEP.UseHands = true – For C models
SWEP.ShotgunFunctions = false

SWEP.DoDModelFunction = false

SWEP.DoDWeaponDraw = false – Draw a DoD icon instead of css
SWEP.HL2WeaponDraw = false – Draw a HL2 Icon instead of css

SWEP.DryFires = false – for CS:S and Emptyable weapons
SWEP.CanBeEmpty = true – For weapons with an empty state, IE dod and Hl2 weapons mostly
SWEP.SuppressedVolume = 45
SWEP.WorksUnderWater = false – BOOL Just to make it fancy, its as easy as that

• Explicit Animations •
// Normal animations found in MOST pistols and some rifles
SWEP.Primary.EmptyAnim = ACT_VM_DRYFIRE
// If the weapon should be held like a shotgun when not in iron sight
// If the held animation is crossbow, then it will be held like an AR2
SWEP.Secondary.EmptyAnim = ACT_VM_FIDGET // No dryfire anims for secondary attacks(normally)
SWEP.Secondary.ShootAnim = ACT_VM_SECONDARYATTACK // Melee, Special action, Secondary fire
// Abnormal reload, as in HL2 and DODS style pistol reloads
// Once agian, Abnormal as defined above
SWEP.EmptyDrawAnim = ACT_VM_DRAW
// Most Pistol, rifle, and shotgun models have these animations… Because VALVe modelers are smart!lol
SWEP.EmpytyIdleAnim = ACT_VM_IDLE – Used with unloading the weapon!

Files for custom sweps are incredibly compact too!
This is the shared.lua for a fully animated DoD:S Colt

if ( SERVER ) then
AddCSLuaFile( “shared.lua” )

if ( CLIENT ) then

SWEP.PrintName			= "M1911 .45"			
SWEP.Author			= "Nova Prospekt"
SWEP.Slot				= 1
SWEP.SlotPos			= 5
SWEP.IconLetter			= "a"
SWEP.WepSelectLetter	= "a"

killicon.AddFont( "weapon_colt45", "CSKillIcons", SWEP.IconLetter, SWEP.IconColor )


SWEP.Base = “weapon_fiery_base_pistol”
SWEP.Category = “Fiery”

SWEP.Spawnable = true
SWEP.AdminSpawnable = true

SWEP.HoldType = “csspistol” – Ironsights
SWEP.HoldType2 = “onehand” – Hipfire
SWEP.ReloadHoldType = “onehand” – Reload (otherwise csspistol/2hand would be used by default)

SWEP.ViewModel = “models/weapons/v_colt.mdl”
SWEP.WorldModel = “models/weapons/w_pistol.mdl”
SWEP.ViewModelFlip = false
SWEP.Weight = 4

SWEP.Primary.Sound = Sound( “Weapon_colt.Shoot” )
SWEP.Primary.Recoil = 1.1
SWEP.Primary.Damage = 26
SWEP.Primary.NumShots = 1
SWEP.Primary.Cone = 0.047
SWEP.Primary.ClipSize = 7
SWEP.Primary.Clips = 4 – Extra clips can be given explicitly
SWEP.Primary.Delay = 0.05
SWEP.Primary.Automatic = false
SWEP.Primary.Ammo = “357”

SWEP.IronSightsPos = Vector (-3.8551, -5.0515, 3.6184)
SWEP.IronSightsAng = Vector (0.4947, 0.078, 0)

Fiery Tags
SWEP.DryFires = true – Unlocks Dry Fire Functionality
SWEP.CanBeEmpty = true - Unlocks _EMPTY anims

SWEP.DoDModelFunction = true – Unlocks DoD Model Functionality
SWEP.DoesIdle = true


Technical Notes and Disclosures

  1. This addon will overwrite weapon_cs_base
    • This version is only slightly different and should not break any code based on cs_base

  2. This base has not been tested on servers. Some CL/SV solutions are in works!

  3. SWEP.Primary.DefaultClip and SWEP.Secondary.DefaultClip have become OBSOLETE! Default Clips are calculated in the base for simplicity. Usining DefaultClip WILL glitch custom made SWEPS!!

  4. Stock CS_base weapons are overwrote when using this download for easier game and map integration’s with this weapon pack

  5. MISSING TEXTURES: Dual 357’s
    • This fix will be for the models pack on workshop!


  • Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Bugs? Constructive criticisms or additions? *
    >** POST EM!! I wanna hear them! ** <
    ( I also want your error messages! )

Download on Workshop!

Hey, I’m doing this too with CS:S weapons! But yours is a lot cooler and flexible, good work :slight_smile:

Oh man, Can’t wait to test this out at home :slight_smile:

-edit- Waste of time.


The addon has been updated on steam!

The newer version has plenty of fixes and new features!

Magazine dropping has been added!
In the future the magazines may be actual items!

The project has also been moved onto github!

Looks awesome bro! Keep it up, 100% support over here!

Why is it a waste of time?

–Snip-- thread is so old i revived it on a ham radio.