Fifa or PES Player Models

I’m surprised they haven’t been ported yet with the large amount of football stadiums and balls made. They would be great for RP ragdolls/player models and some football posters and maybe some SFM videos. I recommend using BPL and Liga BBVA players because they have the most high quality faces in both FIFA and PES (most notably FIFA). If the entire body can’t ported can someone at least head hack them onto HL2 citizens because I know of this head exporter for FIFA (not sure about PES, I think it has one too) that works for 3DS Max. They can be any game from the series, as long as it was made in the last 2 years. I know FIFA and PES 15 just came out and I’m not sure if their models can be ported already. I must presume FIFA 15 could work with the FIFA 14 exporter because they both run on the same engine. Also, PC is the best version of both games to port them from.

Examples of models:

FIFA 15:

PES 15 (not the best in terms of models so I recommend doing FIFA instead if possible):

FIFA 14 vs PES 14 (click to grow):[/thumb]

I can’t say much about PES but myself and a guy called gregkwaste are working on FIFA15.
For the time being if you have blender you can import the 3d geometry from the rx3 files using his blender script from here

Evo uses the FOX Engine, so I’d imagine when Ground Zeroes hits Steam you may be in with a chance once tools spring forth from that.

Well I made this thread because I only have the PS3 version of the game, which isn’t really good compared to the PC version. Actually, does it work with the demo?

It should but you won’t be getting every model in the game.

Well, I can’t work this thing with the demo anyways. If anyone reading this has the full game on PC can they do it please?

Still looking for this to be made. Again, BPL models would be fine.