Fifty Rust keys, give away.

PM me for your key. :slight_smile:

Meh, lame.

Omfg dude! Second key I’ve gotten today by giveaways! Thank you!

i pm’d you

It’s raining keys guys!

i would love to have just 1 key :slight_smile:

Yay Key thanks :smiley:

pmed :smiley:

keys, keys everywhere

please don’t fuck with me, I’ll hunt you down if you do :slight_smile:

I pm you

Thanks man !!!

idk how legit these are lol xD but hey, it doesn’t harm ya

Thanks man! Gonna give it to my brother!

so funny…

Pm’d! Thanks for helping all of us out!

I pm you

i pmed :smiley:

did i recieve a key ? i pmed you like in the first second :confused: is my pm / mail off ? idk … its on for weeks but i didnt recieve anything for a while :confused:

me bro i pmed thanks