Fight at dm_powerhouse

Here’s a quickie - Hope you like it!

Hey, can you honestly tell me if the camera angles are good or bad? Thanks.

Thanks for lookin’!

EDiting is awful


So’s the posing

you need to fix the contrast.

other then that its ok.

Posing isn’t that bad. Camera angle in the second picture is the best. Why are the colours so washed out?

Yeah posing isnt bad and like Chesty said camera is good at second picture!
But the contrast :argh:

I Don’t Understand why he’s punching his Shoulder But I like the Second Picture the Best, and please Fix the Contrast! =D Good Pictures Though!

Did a quick test to see what a proper contrast fix would do - and it really brought out some awesome in that original screenshot.

I think you have a good idea on your hands, and I think that the overtly bright contrast - while off putting in an unedited screenshot really allows post production work to take hold.

Thank you all for your feedback! It will all be used :smile:

That’s gray

To be honest, the pose does look good if you have the idea, but the outcome isn’t. The guy looks like he’s punching that man’s shoulder. And fog can be done really well if you use it as a sort of effect for super depth of field pics along with a nice touch of color mod. But on the other hand, your camera angles are amazing.

Thank you! I have never heard of such a good comment towards me.

Very well appreciated.

As I said, if you want to set the mood, you have to do it with a bit of color mod. Try not to over do it, or it’ll end up with a horrible result. If you were targeting a foggy like camera angle for the shots, then you should try and get Paint.NET, GIMP or even Photoshop/Paintshop if you have money to buy the last two programs. Editing will take a lot of work and practice before you can actually get a masterpiece. But if you’re a lazy bum like me, I think you’d have gone for ingame post processing instead. :v: