Fight for Freedom

Hello, I again tried to make a WW2 scene. The positioning of ragdolls seemed to me good this time.


View in HQ !

The lighting seems to be beautiful IMO.
But the way the american guy is holding the thompson looks completely wrong.
Everything else is good.

Yes I could not get the left hand of the American on the front of thomson :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, if I’m not mistaken, you were using the hacked-together modcel simkas made. Might be worth swapping out the .phys with that of Bloo’s citizens.

you’re good at editing but no amount of editing is going to make your wonky posing and terrible composition better

like… 80% of this picture is an empty room and the lens is fish-eyed

The models come from RnL.

You made me jizz sir

Better posing on this screenshot, the way the guy is holding the Thompson is kinda strange though.
I don’t really like the blood effects either, but you’re improving, like others have said it’s best to perfect your posing and composition before moving on to the editing.