Fight like a man

Still working on mah edits, but I keep failing:


Any advice?

The Terrorist pose is “ehh” but I like the CT Pose.

What do you mean?
CT’s are mans!

It’s a wee bit too dark, I’m not sure if you’re still sharpening your pictures, but I recommend not using that filter unless you have high quality models/graphics, and even still, it can ruin some pictures.

Not using just 1 filter, editing filters and combining them, but I added a white layer for you:

Much better. Also, posing is a bit stiff on the terrorist.

It’s way too dark, and the line in the wall looks sketchy to me, although someone may like the look.

The terrorist’s arm is a bit too extended. It looks like he’s holding the gun gansta style and not even looking at what he’s shooting, instead of dropping the gun. I think having the elbow slightly bent should do the trick though.

It seems to be the model’s fault, but the backs of the CT’s knees don’t look good.

I also see potential for followups here. Not sure if CSS models have legs that can spread enough for good kicks, but you can still punch, headbutt, kick donkey kicks and kick suckerkicks forward. should be enough for a decent fight.

EDIT: seconding Johnnie, definitely a lot better, now you can actually see the characters

Right, I already thought something was wrong with the terrorist.

Sorry, that’s just terrible filter-rape.

Everything else is good, just don’t use filters.

Gaaah how to edit man! I can’t figure how you guys do it!

If you want I’ll send you the SHEFing tutorial, but it’s not perfect for everything.

ACTUALLY, have all of these tutorials, They’re mainly for comics, but there’s basic editing skills in there as well.

Go down to tutorials.

This better be good.

feltar repe

Uneditted looks better.

Filter Rape and work on your posing dude.
There are massive tutorials out there