Fight on! (Guardsmen shoot at something)

Oh and a Titan Blows shit up in the background.

Very nice looking, the posing and editing is very solid (especially the latter)

Can’t think of anything bad to say about it!

Looks really good.

Models! Models! So nice…

Great editing.

Now what to do for the next one? Bunch of titan destroying everything?

What about releasing the models?

Nah, kidding. Make some badass Space Marine action.


Release them.

i love the guard.

btw AWESOME picture.

I second Nexus’ post.

Also: pic looks great, only off point was the second ‘laser impact,’ it looks a bit strange with the sparks going in all directions instead of just off the wall. Other than that, bloody awesome. Was it a complete scene build, or was it a pre-existing map?

Shooting at eldars?

I want that robot D: Although…Is it a robot, or a prop built out of stuff? Its hard to tell…being the same color as the scenery…I like the lasers, though

I think it’s the Tau

Very nice.

Nice editing.

I want those models ten minutes ago.

Only two guardsmen and a commissar?
Hammer of the Emperor my ass.

Good ol’ Kasrkins.


Nvm, I thought they were. They’re just guards with rebreather helmets.

Heh, this screenshot reminds me of Dawn of War.

Oh wait, it is.

There’s a Kasrkin in there, except you can only see his hellgun, but he’s there and fully posed (waste of time that was!)

Should we be expecting a release of these models any time soon?