Fight to Survive: Stronghold

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**To connect to the official server type “connect” in your console

F2S: Stronghold is a Deathmatch gamemode where you have the ability to construct fortifications/strongholds to defend yourself and your team as you earn money killing the opposing players. You can create teams, change your loadout on the fly, send and receive money to purchase new weapons, weapon attachments and equipment, switch between public and team voice channels, and wear hats!

Already set up to download content for new players. Just set your server up to download the gamemode.

Add this to your command line “+host_workshop_collection 1090283446 -authkey <AUTHKEYGOESHERE>”

Go here and put in your server’s IP for your authkey.

-On the fly team creation and management.
-Loadout customization.
-Weapon Attachments
-Door Module for fading/phase doors. Your team can activate your door modules.
-Destructible Spawnpoints that indicate team color.
-Helps to identify impostor spawnpoints in your base.
-Options menu to disable effects, change UI colors, and a bunch of other stuff.
-Stat tracking(Per server).
-Tutorial Tab.
-Version Checker. When the server is out of date you will be notified via the chat window.
-It will display the current version and a short list of changes. Afterward a current version number and latest version number will be displayed in the upper left corner.
-Prop Climbing deterrent.
-Props take longer to build if standing on a prop when placing them. A multiplier to the build time is added to each prop in the series used to climb with. This slows down construction of huge sky ramps and skybases. If you’re standing on -a map brush such as a skyscraper that’s actually part of the map however, build time will not be affected.
-Slim HUD mode. A more streamlined unobtrusive HUD. Certain info fades out over time if not changing.
-Weapon Renting. Try Before you buy. of purchase price gives you one hour of use.
-Bounty System. Place bounties on players that you need help ridding yourself of. If the bountied player disconnects before their bounty is collected, the bounty will be returned to the players that added the bounty in their respected amounts. Bountied player must be dead and have no spawnpoints for bounty collection.
-Admin functions built into the scoreboard, uses default users.txt. Right click avatar.
-Quick finance options built into scoreboard. Quickly send preset amounts of money to players by right clicking their avatar.

Tool Gun
-Radial menu for quick selection of tools in combat.
-Deployable “Weapon Crate” to change loadout without respawning.
-Spawnpoint Tool
-Comm Tower. Places a “Comm Tower” to earn more money based on your multiplier/interest.
Requires an initial deposit. Comm Towers must be defended as anyone can pull the money it has accrued.
If the owner has a bounty placed on them, it will earn money over time based on the size of their bounty.
-Damage/Repair tool
-Prop Placement tool. Hold USE to rotate. SPRINT + USE to snap to angles. Double tap USE to reset.
-Prop Stacker tool. Press RELOAD to cycle directions.

-Custom scripted weapons.
-Fully clientside functions for smooth weapon movement regardless of latency.
-Clientside bone manipulation for more reasonable/realistic recoil animations. Sights will stay aligned.
-C4 Explosive for destroying prop clusters/doors. Default Cost $100. Beeps as it counts down. Shoot it to disable.
-RPG for taking out skybases. Rockets cost $20 each.
-Attachments: Suppressor, Reflex/Red Dot sight, M145(Medium Range Optic), Rifle Scope(Sniper Optic), Rifled Barrel(Shotgun Slugs), Iron sights for attachment-less weapons.
-Gibson Penetrator(Door Hacker)
-Gibson Scanner(Bounty Scanner)
-Jet Packs! (Replaces Primary Weapon)
-Assault Drone.
-Snaps and cracks SFX for supersonic bullets passing near player. Whizzing for subsonic.

Custom Attach****ment Models:

This looks really good! I’d love to play it sometime.


The videos are blocked on your country? UMG are faggots, try now.

Works now.

Only issue is that there are no admins (that I have seen) and there are alot of hackers- atleast in the time that I have played while it was in beta like 4 months ago.

We have an anti-cheat running on the current server at the moment. It only prevents lua hacks of course, VAC for the other stuff. It’s drastically reduced the amount of cheaters we’ve seen, apparently it blocks sethhack, which would explain all the ddos attacks. But we have ddos mitigation in place, so they don’t really last long.

The lack of admins is simply because of how picky we are at choosing them. We have to know them personally and trust them, it’s kind of a process.

But anyway, not all servers will have an anti-cheat, and we can’t just hand out ours because it would get bypassed in minutes.

After playing for a while I have to say that it’s a really impressive gamemode, it just reeks of effort throughout! I would’ve enjoyed it more if I didn’t happen to live on the other side of the planet but it’s still really good. Things I’m not a huge fan of is how extremely fast you die (could be lag though) and that you can have over 5 spawn points per team.

Good example for that:
There was a team constantly shooting down at the no-team spawn points and I managed to get into their base after 2 C4s, kill half the team and go to the next room to see 20+ spawn points stuffed into it. I got a little whiplash from that since the rest of the base looked quite minimalistic.

I had been thinking about the way mobile spawn points are exploited in such ways, but sometimes I need time to think about a simple solution to these types of problems. Unfortunately at this point, time is something I don’t have.

Off the top of my head, only team leaders/lone players should be able to place multiple spawn points.

A lone player may spawn up to five spawn points, but on a team they may only place one. The team leader may place one spawn point and 4 team spawn points. The team leader will be in charge of tactical spawn point placement. When you die, you may choose to spawn on your own spawnpoint or one of the team spawn points.

Instead of a team of four having 20(4x5)spawn points, they would only have 8((4+1)+1+1+1).

As far as dying to quickly, I may add a softcore mode for the slow paced folk.

The testing server is getting DDoSed if anyone was wondering why it’s down. Not sure why it pisses everyone off so much.

Join the server people! i’nm in right now

We just had our provider stop the attack, so it should be good for a little while at least.

It’s available for download now. If anyone wants to make a kick ass scoreboard for me that would be awesome. It just uses the default base scoreboard and it’s kind of wonky. I would make one myself but I don’t have time.

the person in the gameplay montage looks as if hes aimbotting

gamemode still looks cool though

So you’re saying I’m a cheater?

well the extremely fast reflexes make it obvious, not saying your a cheater though

Make what obvious? If you’re not calling me a cheater, what am I making obvious?

“You’re blatantly aimbotting, not saying you’re aimbotting though.”

Might want to re-think your words.

yeah, my bad, wasn’t really looking thoroughly at what i was typing
it seems that the m4 makes it look like your aimbotting

Or he has supersonic reflexes?

Anyway, nice gamemode. I have to try this out some time!