Fight To Survive

A gamemode me and DrSchnz worked on, its pretty much complete, it just needs a few tweaks here and there and a custom view model.

The object of this game is to get rich. The amount of money you have is measured in ResPs (Resource Points). ResPs allow you to buy all sorts of things from the games store (F4). You can see your ResPs along with other team’s ResPs by pressing TAB. Now this is good and all, but you need to start making some ResPs before anything else. Press F2 to make or join a team. Once you’re in a team, you can see an overview of the game with the map (F3). The large filled square is you. As you can see, this square is the same color as your team. You might also be able to see smaller squares with the same color. These guys are your teammates; try your best to avoid killing them. The large unfilled squares are refineries, the centers and backbones of bases. Refineries are needed to convert raw resources into usable ResPs. Refineries show up on the map with their owning teams color, and will emit a beam of that color in the game. You can capture these for your own team by clearing out all enemy players around it and staying close by for a period of time, once your team has captured a refinery, its time to build up a base. The goal of the base is to protect your refinery from capture and provide a safe zone for your team. When you spawn props, they will first appear wireframe. This is the only time you may move them with the physics gun and use tools on them. The wireframe props are easily destroyed and can be walked through. Once you have placed all the wireframe props for your base, its time to construct it. When you are spawned, you are supplied with the constructer tool. Use this tool to convert wireframe props in to stronger solid props at the cost of ResPs. You may later deconstruct them back to wireframe props by using the secondary fire on the constructer tool. Now that you have a base that you are reasonably satisfied with, you can start collecting raw resources. These will periodically drop from the sky in crates (appearing as a cross on the map). You must go to the crates and try to capture the resources before any other team. The resources will appear as a weapon and you may only hold onto one at a time. Once you grabbed the resources, you must dash to your refinery and avoid any other teams trying to steal it. Once you are close to the refinery, you may drop the resources with primary fire. The refinery will begin absorbing the resources, converting them into ResPs, which you can redeem at the store (F4) for better weapons, improvements and tools…






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This looks, EPIC. Running Now.

That looks like it could be pretty fun. I like the giant laser beam.
I would get a better menu though. It’s kind of not-that-great looking.

Can’t see the pictures :frowning:

Click “All of the pictures”. Sometimes [noparse] [img_thumb]URL[/img_thumb] [/noparse] doesn’t work.

Oh, also for the help menu to work, you must set sv_helpurl to or something like that.


Added some more pictures:


How long since its been to release? Because there already is a Fight To Survive gamemode that was a privately hosted one by well over a year and a half ago, eventually taken down and now currently renamed to FTS2 (Fight To Survive 2)
Next time I think you should try looking around a bit before you pick such a generic name again.
Heres the IP of that server that hosts Fight To Survive 2:

Nah, that’s just a name clash then, although we had the name Fight To Survive for a lot longer than a few months, it was about a year ago. But then it was just a modified sandbox to include few things. We started working on it properly Jan 26th.

Thats pretty much what’s was. sandbox with guns buyable throught a menu. points added when you killed someone, and you use the points to buy the guns, ammo, power-ups, etc. really interesting thing… they used (and are STILL using) the same map as you.

I’me joining to have a look. Ours is not based upon the score and has a damage engine and things, its more based on how much money (ResPs) you have.

Btw, this map looks weird for me. :frowning:


It doesn’t seem to have a goal to it after playing it.

Anyways, made a video, tell me what you think:

And those points you capture are dynamically created so there are no pre-sets on where they will spawn. :slight_smile:

looks nice, will give it a try when i get home today

have a ip to a test server?

It wont be up all the time and might be a little laggy (hosting on my PC)

okay, thanks

Wait, you joined our server recently? It’s been gone for a LONG time.

We DID have a prop damage system, and the goal was to be the best/have the most money.

But it crashed FUCKING CONSTANTLY, and I was the only one taking care of the server so we scrapped the piece of shit. FTS isn’t really source engine friendly.

It’s a nice idea and I enjoy playing this (I don’t know if this is the version I played cause these servers usually have their own versions on the server)

What I don’t like about FTS is that they put so much shit on the server it becomes awkward and things don’t work properly. Custom huds, and unnecesseary stuff.

That’s the other server, this one doesn’t have a custom HUD.


Generic name or not… this is the name that I came up with for the gamemode that I designed. This gamemode was written before I deployed to Iraq when I was home for Christmas break 2008. So as it stands now the gamemode is about 1.5 years old.

Just as a matter of professional courtesy… I would ask that you change your gamemode name to something (even slightly different) if for nothing else than to avoid confusion.

Afterall… you wouldn’t create your own space play gamemode and call it SpaceBuild… or a zombie game and call it Zombie Survival…

Whatever though… last I checked, we’ve rewritten F2S and are calling it Stronghold now… it’s in it’s final stages of development or something like that… Being in Iraq has had it’s effect on my keeping up on things.

Its pretty nice, but the destroy effect is blinding me to much maybe less efect it?

Damage is just sparks, you mean building? that’s the spawn prop effect.