Fight until there's no hope left... this is a one way trip.

Compare it to the original here.

*Posing : 1 hours 30 minutes + 5 minutes searching a good angle
Editing (ingame) : None
Editing (Photoshop) : 1 hour 30 minutes
PSD file : Dead Meat

Tried a very different editing style, didn’t turn so bad imo. And yes it’s meant to be incredibly messy.*

Without the original I wouldnt know whats going on lol.

You’re just meant to see the soldier in the middle shooting at weird alienish things on the roof, everything else is to show it’s a big mess and they’re all doomed.

Nice editing. I kinda get what effect you were going for… but I don’t especially like the whole dark cluster-fuck thing.

I really like it. Grimy. That muzzle flash is quite amazing.

way too dark

A tad too dark, but other then that, very VERY nice work.