Fight With Sound Trailer (Machinima)

Finally finished the first chapter to be put on Machinima, heres a quick trailer I made. Enjoy!

All of your videos are amazing, but this is probably the best so far

What’s the name of the song though?

From the Terminator 4 trailer:

Looks pretty awesome, but why in the hell are you using those old as hell suit models that are just citizen reskins? They’re not very good.

Yeah, Taggart’s suits would be much better for this

I looked around for something better and have the Taggart models, but I couldn’t find an NPC version of them. I’ll see if I can get them something better in the next chapter.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure his suits are rigged to the valve biped, model manipulator?

Let me check real quick…

Shit… yea it works, I want to shoot myself right now…

I think MaxofS2D made a tutorial on how to use different models to make npcs (or actors in this case) with the NPC Control addon. I can’t seem to find the video, though. You should probably go ask him about it.

That’s pretty cool for gmod.

hey, this looks badass no matter what models you’re using. you’ll get it next time, bro.