Fighting animation question

I have been interested in making a fighting game in gmod but I can’t think of how to do animations on characters correctly. This has prevented from even trying because every time I try to make the character do a certain animation or something it just completely ignores what I typed.

Can someone please explain how to animate the player. I’ve been trying to do this for like 2 years now and always end up giving up because I never have enough information as to what i’m doing wrong.

If they’ve got a weapon I use this “ply:SetAnimation( PLAYER_ATTACK1 )”. The animation is based off the SWEP’s hold type

Well I meant third person animations. So if I want to have a player kicking others could see .it Also I already know ab out the whole need to recompile animations into models in order for them to get them but I was simply going to make a invisible player model as a base for all my animations and just bone-merge whatever playermodel I wanted on top of it.