Fighting Champion (A fighting gamemode..)

Hey there guys! I’m assuming you know whats in store for you in this thread because you read the title… Well, yeah I’m currently in the making of a boxing gamemode. The idea is simple, you opt in to fight in a match depending on what type of match it is you’ll get a chance of getting in.

Whats done:

Whats in the works:
SWEPS(I may use ones already made.)
Some Variables & Tables (Money, Skills, and Character loadouts)

I haven’t made the choice of it being a public release or not, but it’s still in alpha which means it’ll take some time.
I need more ideas too, I already have a few but I know theres a lot of creative people out there :P.

How you can help:
Considering I’m not the best at making HUD’s and sometimes Menu’s I could use a bit of help there. Mappers, we definitely need you, I don’t think theres a map out there like this!

For Coders:
If you’d like to help with HUD’s and menu’s you can get “Dev” status in my community (Not so special… :X)
For the HUD: Nothing to hard and complex so it should be simple except for me… <.<

For Mappers:
If you’d like to help too then you’d get “Mapper” status. What I’m looking for is a map with a locker room a few rooms with a ring type area (No entrances to the ring, I can TP a player there) a lobby and a few shops I guess for the NPC’s.

Nothing too special to show now but when I get the chance I’ll post some pictures! Thanks for reading guys.

SWEPS(I may use ones already made.) Don’t forget getting permission about that.

You should be able to choose a skill tree for your boxer rather than a class.

I think people would have that much more confidence in your gamemode if you posted some evidence of work done. It also might attract possible worker bees to help you out in your project.

Sorry I haven’t posted anything… I can’t at the moment but I’ll see if a friend can. It’s a bare gamemode at the moment, nothing special just a opting system and such… sorry :C

EDIT: Here, I’ll post the opting system just for the 2-Player matchmaking, but there are two problems preventing me from continuing testing - 1. No computer to work with besides a crappy work laptop that can’t access anything due to Administrative abilites so I have to work from a servers editor. 2. The function I used to add exp and money won’t work, I can’t get the function to do arithmetics for some reason I am pretty new to coding so I will have a lot of problems like this.

function twopersonmatch(ply)
 if OPT_FIGHT < 2 and ply.Opted == 0 then --  setting the function to check if the server has less than 2 players ready
  if COOLDOWN == 0 and MATCH_STARTED == 0 then --  to fight and checks if the match started yet.
  PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTTALK, "[2,Matchmaking]: Player "..ply:Nick().." has joined the fight.")
  ply.Boxer = math.Random(1,2) -- a function already checks if a player is legitly opted to actually make him a fighter
  if ply.Boxer == 1 then ply:SetPos(playerpositions[1]) end -- and switch his team.
  if ply.Boxer == 2 then ply:SetPos(playerpositions[2]) end
concommand.Add("Jointwopersonmatch", twopersonmatch) -- just console commands for now.