Fighting my inner demons.

It’s been awhile since I have done any editing and I still suck ass at doing muzzle flashes :v: was trying to go for more of a “cool” look instead of realistic.

Fun fact, the voice actor of Simon (the character with the hoodie) thought that this looks " nice" and “flawless” :downs:

sucks that the model has no faceposing

This is pretty good, Would have been a little bit better with some faceposing but sadly Simon looks blank all the time.

[sp]I think the guy that voiced Simon also provided the face for him.

Im not to sure.[/sp]

But Overall it’s looking really good man.

Andreas, the lead developer provided the face for him.

here’s this picture with the voice actors face in it (considering how we are fairly good friends, it’s a little inside joke we have)