"Fighting off demons, It's what we do"

My screen resolution is fucked. I know.

Stormtrooper’s pose is bland but I like it

Aye, I didn’t know who else to stick in there :stuck_out_tongue:

The contrast is a bit high but I love the pose.


And i surely think your avatar is awesome.

Thanks :wink:
I also think your avatar is quite the coolest

This is great and all but why is a Sci-Fi Cosplayer and a dude in an orange suit helping an old rebel?

well, Because I’m Angry baby.

Extremely poor quality and the editing is blurry and… Purple?

The mix of universes is cool though.

jpg quality is very low

yes, I know, I have no idea why.


its OK

It’s supposed to be a mixture of universes? I thought it was a Sci Fi Cosplayer, not a Stormtrooper. Wow, am I dumb.