Fighting off the dead!

:siren:Worst character deserves death!:siren:

Ellis kissing the hunter :smug:


…what were you trying to make Ellis do?

What are the translucent black spots around the muzzleflash in pic 1?
Blood could be better on Ro’

Motion blur for blood impact.

Might wanna remove that. Looks like burn spots from being shown in a slide.

:lol: 'K.

Personally I am getting tired of all this hate on Rochelle. It’s getting old.

I see.

Nick shooting an unidentified green blob.
Coach getting humped by a jockey.
Ellis doing whatever with hunter.
And Rochelle is killed.

Most of these pictures suffer from seriously shit angle and bad posing.

Especially the Nick and Ellis ones, mostly because you can’t see what Nick is shooting at. (I know, it’s a Charger) But that shot would look better would it be from behind Nick, who would be desperately shooting at the on coming charger.

And you can’t see what Ellis is actually doing. This shot would have been better from another angle, not from behind the the hunter but from fex. their side so you can actually see both of them clearly.

The Coach cake thing was worth of a chuckle but a bit akward posing ruins it.

I think the reason why Rochelle is killed, is because you’re a twelve-year-old boy with fetish for violence against girls and women, mostly coming from your fear of girls and the other sex which will probably change in time, that is if you don’t have any mental problems.

Lighting is quite dull in all of the pictures.
Picture 3 has a terrible camera angle.

Posing is okay.

Nah, it’s simply because Rochelle is seriously the worst character. Her lines are terrible and delivered flatly, that is the few lines that she actually has, and she has little to no character throughout the entire game. I was thinking of making a pose of her getting chainsawed in half but I decided not to.

Lol at first you wrote like V-Man. But the last sentence :smile:

You’re a creep. you killed off rochelle just because she’s NOT a lanky weeaboo bitch who is unnaturally beautiful(Which zoey isn’t). unlike zoey


basically what Vman said m8.

I bet you liked zoey because she QUOTED PREDATOR LULS :downs: Many people will agree with me that ROCHELLE IS NOT THE NEW ZOEY, SHE’S LOUIS’S REPLACEMENT.

Rethink that decision. :smiley:

rochelle is just lame and needs to be executed by CEDA.

I actually didn’t like Zoey a whole lot either, but at least her voice actress knew how to deliver lines. Half of Rochelle’s lines sound like they are being spoken by one of those terrible VA’s they get for most JRPGs.

You…sick…bastard! You killed Rochelle. :comeback: