Fighting off The Revolution + bonus

dysatopia stuff is fun…anyways
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Loving the colors.

some one should make the neo tokyo guys with better phys

what model is the guy in the last picture on the left?

i’ve never seen that before. looks like a dystopia head but i’ve never seen that body. i think.

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kind of unique and cool, too. I like the color temp.

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next time you do something like this, though, always put down some lamps that have different colors. like in the last picture you could have used some purple/pink lamps to throw on rimlighting generated from the sign behind them. it’d look a lot more baller

It’s the Dystopia guy’s head on a NeoTokyo body. As far as I can tell.

there’s no excuse as to why you can’t

you can just take the .phy files and replace them with better ones yourself. have a model that is pretty nice to pose? use their phy files.

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I don’t think it is. I don’t remember the light corp head looking like that. It’s close but no cigar I think

In the first picture, is that QR Code on the left of the ship/mech/robot thing?

my phone can’t read it though

Very good. I love it.

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yea it was suposed to be a mech walker thing, im pretty satisfied as it is

I like the Neon coloring.

yea it was my first time doing more brightliy colored dysatopic stuff