Fighting: Shields!

The current rust is like lol i got a pickaxe lets kill that kev guy!

I saw some concepts for spears and i was like well rust is turning a little bit medival , but there are still guns.
How about Shields which are Blocking bullets to fight armed guys maybe with spears

you could see some epic meele 1vs1 fights in this game then.

Or Charging in as storm troop as raider.

Or Peeking as defender!

you could also paint stuff on them , like a cool slogan or something like that.


If these shields deflect bullets I’m out.

I think if I can find che anti-rad costumes you might find one of these

its just a rough concept…

i liked, but in parts,

shields stopping bullets i don’t like, because i think will turn some players invincible, but maybe some shields
made with improvised wood parts and you can only use in melee combat, maybe can stop arrows and spears but dont bullets.

this shield can be made with barrel top/lid:

For stop bullets, you can carry on your back an abandoned car door, and put on floor, like barricades,
but you cant use like a shield only like barricades.

sorry my english

An inch of oak might stop a 9mm pistol round but not a 556 or 308. I do like it for melee however as i think its a logical step for our little naked guys o take as they make their way in the brave new world

This but combined with the spray paint idea from another post so that I can spray paint my own image onto it.

been discussed before, but ages back now;)

my personal feelings on it revolve around how it gets used. its quite logical that someone will make a big solid chunk of wood to protect himself from a few rounds, or the bastard with a hatchet, but these (to me) are not trained warriors. i would expect it to work like a bow; take up both hands at once so it cannot be dual weilded, and be purely passive, or maybe possible to bash someone with it like a rock.

that said, that was my position before they started putting plates of metal on the chest as armour. functionally you could do the same with a shield; have it as plate of metal in the “arm armour” slot that protects you from the (insert arbitrary side of the body here) side. in that form, it takes an armour slot, but leaves your hands free for weilding whatever weopon you want.

could be wood and/or metal. and that kind of leads to potentially wooden body armour that can protect against x hits, or only against attacks from certain weopons.

I like the idea but this needs to be a defense for melee or arrows alike however things like guns should pass straight through, maybe cause a damage reduction on the bullet however. just my thought

I think they might make different grades of shields if they make any. Probably with reduced damage and better shields deflecting. I kind of hope they add alot more physical weapons in the new Rust. Making it harder to obtain guns, but not removed by any means. I wouldn’t mind it being a mix of Chivalry, Counter Strike, and wilderness survival.

There might be different type of bullets, sharp and fast bullets should go trough shields with a littlebit of reduced damage, weak and cheap bullets should have a very low chance of getting trough. This should also work for any type of weak surfaces in game, bullets should go trough some type of trees, wood piles, weak wooden walls and wooden doors with a reduced damage. I like the idea of it, it’s realistic.

i think it should depend on the type of shield shields should have weight thickness and material which affects how it is carried how well it blocks and how it affects the player when stored i.e if a it is a thin metal shield it is cheaper to make than a thicker metal shield but provides less protection maybe only protect from 4/5 9mm bullets and depreciating chances depending on the calliber and muzzle velocity of the round a thiner smaller shield has a smaller protection radius but can be dual wielded with a small firearm (any firearm that does not require tw hands to fire) or a melee weapon thicker wood shields would be heavier and might only protect form melee and arrows depending on the thickness so it all depends on how the shield is made it would be cool to see something close to irl mechanics in game

It could be cool for it to deflect a couple of bullets, like when the shield take 1 9mm bullet, the shield loose a piece of it.

I didn’t expect my drawing being added to the community update, wow.

Congrats! I enjoy reading those Community Updates.

Here is a better shield drawing, for the update log, the other one was just, pathetic xD i wish a dev see it so he can replace the old one.

nothing wrong with the old one, its concept work; doesn’t have to be perfect, it gets the idea across;)

Agreed xD

shields would be awesome, but they’d obviously have to be balanced well. for example, making them extra cumbersome where you can’t switch weapons quickly or even use weapons until you drop the shield or stick it in the ground (if it were bulletproof). Otherwise, weaker materials that would be light enough to use with a melee weapon could possibly weaken the effect of bullets and only block melee.