Figured out a good way to keep your items safe from raiders!

This actually has worked for us several times!

Suicide Houses are much better.

I always look under the stairs but I dont crouch down. Didn’t know that the small stash doesn’t render till your closer, I’ll make sure to look closer now thanks.

Yeah I noticed that they only appear as you get closer a few weeks back.

I always check under stairs. I also check furnaces as some people like to place furnaces over top of small stashes, but you can often see the top of the stash pop through the ash section.

As for putting stashes out on the ground, that’s just dumb due to quick decay. Good way to eventually lose your good stuff without even worrying about raiders.

Here’s a semi-decent tip:

place two large crates close to a corner of a foundation against a wall but leave a bit of room in the corner itself and then place a small stash behind both of them. Someone standing normally in front of them will just see the two large crates and search them… however the craftier ones like myself will jump on the tops and look into this open area for such small stashes.

Still better than nothing though.

But because I’m aware of the stashes vanishing at a certain distance, I search every single corner and section of a room before I move on.