Fiks02's Stargate SB server

Addons: CAP, Avon’s stargate pack, SB3, SBEP, Probably

**1.Have fun!

  1. Don’t spam.

  2. If you cause lag to others, find a way to fix it. (like deleting 24 of those 25 oxygen compressors)

  3. Don’t kill other people on Spawn planet

  4. You are allow to kill other people in space but will be a act of war so be ready to face the consequences

  5. Don’t exaggerate with weapons and equipment on your ship (Agree with a amount, if admin is on he will decide).

  6. Don’t be a douce/mingebag, be nice or you will get banned, Have some common sense.

  7. Only use gyro-pod to control your ship in combat (For balance to the inexperienced with E2 and to have it look the same when people are flying in space), anything is free to
    use non-combat. (Ofc hoverball-thruster method is allowed in combat but i recommend learning gyro.)

  8. You may claim your planet! Though there are rules,
    9.1 Ice planet is not allowed for capture!!,
    9.2 the planet you capture must have a accepted working life support base of any seize (At least one house with a bed)
    9.3 NOTE: Leaving the server unclaims your planet (It’s your till your props have been deleted, (10 min))**

Just started this server and trying to figure out certain things that i could improve, I am currently on the hunt for a good prop damage system that works with spacebuild well, and a way to make my server start with spacebuild3 as main gamemode (Putting default gamemode in cfg dosen’t work).