File being automatically reported when uploaded?

Ok, so I tried uploading a player and NPC pack twice now but every time it uploads, it gets reported right away. Whats the deal with this?

  1. You didn’t make it.
  2. The hidden SVN file and folders are flagging up as unknown or risky file type.

Huh, how the fuck did SVN files get in there? Well thanks for pointing that out


Wait, what the fuck? Is my Winrar bugged? When I zipped the file up I noticed that Winrar makes the SVN files for me, I don’t add them or anything

edit 2
I hope deleting the SVN files while its in the rar file helped

Edit 3
Working now :smiley:

Did you read the pop-up box when you uploaded?

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No… other way around.

Al tho it seems a bit odd that a member with his postcount would pull crap like that. I’d say that would fit the 1 to 100 postcount range.

You might have solved the automatic reporting, but you’re still uploading someone else’s stuff, unless you set up a repository yourself.

I took someone’s ragdolls and made them into NPCS and players. So I’m not really stealing seeing how I put some of my own work into this, plus I gave him credit for the files. It would be considered stealing more if I just reupload the ragdolls and that’s it, no credit or anything

I’ve made plenty of players and NPCS before and never encountered this

I’m not saying it’s stealing.
I said you uploaded someone else’s stuff, which is what you did.

You need to ‘export’ the files.

Post count doesn’t mean much to me. All it says to me is their either a 1.Spammer (depending on join date) 2. Lurker (depending on the join date)