File Dump from my TTT Server

Hey guys, I used to run a Trouble in Terrorist Town server that has been around since 2011 called Last Known Suspect (no I didn’t make the name :P)
Anyway, the server has begun to show its age, and on top of that the new gmod community is pretty shitty so I decided to release a few of the scripts I had on there for you all to use.

Btw, I made these videos and images really fast so… sorry lol.

The GIMNade

**Description:** This T weapon makes the victims become ragdolls and slowly flow away for a bit. In this time they can be shot down or carried by a ragdoll. [[url=]Legacy Download](]Workshop Download[/url)

The Grapplehook

**Description:** This Detective Grapplehook runs out of charge so it avoids abuse, to regain charge just don't use it. [[url=]Legacy Download](]Workshop Download[/url)

Door Buster

**Description:** This Detective weapon explodes the door off the hinges and makes it go flying, killing or hurting anyone hit by the door. The explosion also does a bit of damage. Ignore the fact the weapon is pink, no idea why it was like that :P [[url=]Legacy Download](]Workshop Download[/url)

Music Addon
Description: This addon streams music at the start and end of the round. Check the config to see where to add the urls to the music. It only supports the file straight up, not something like YouTube. So for example [noparse][/noparse] would work but not a YouTube url. It adds some handy dandy controls to the F1 menu for the users to play around with, it overall works very well. The controls are that you can use !stop to stop the music while its playing, change the volume while its playing, toggle the music, and disable it while you’re alt+tabbed. Handsome Matt made me dis.
Sprays Fix
Description: I’ve released it before but I’ll do it again, this shit prevents the sweg hackers from exploiting sv_allowupload/sv_allowdownload. Pretty much you can safely enable sprays with this.
[url=]Windows Version
- Made by Willox
[- Made by Python

Head Crab Canister and Defibrillator
Description: The head crab canister is a artillery cannon that launches a pod full of headcrabs. The Defibrillator is… a defibrillator that revives people. Both are T weapons.
[url=]Download](]Linux Version[/url)

If I find anything else to upload I’ll probably add it here if I feel up to it. I will NOT be offering support for anything here, it is just a steamy ol’ dump, the only exception is PLib, I’ll show you how to set it up.

Got any suggestions or complaints? Cool, I don’t care.

Does the door buster need to be downloaded for clients too, or can I just make it serverside?

If you want an icon it will have to be downloaded. That is the only download it has though.

do you still have your qac log? I’d like to see it

hey I wrote that door buster, glad to see you decided to publicly release it
IIRC you told me to make it pink

Do I still have my old QAC log, what kind of question is that. Of course I do. It dates back to January 12th, I think I switched to LeyAC after that, sorry bb :stuck_out_tongue:

Made you a contributor on the workshop :slight_smile:

Does the door respawn when the next round starts?


Everything on the map gets cleaned up when the round starts, you would have to actually code it to NOT respawn lol

Did you make anything here?

No, I’m not a coder. Although everything I uploaded was made specifically for me for my server so I am allowed to release them all.

Thanks for releasing private work (PLib) without asking me first…


man can we not have the drama,

Thxs for dump, May come in handy




for the spray fix do you still leave uploads and downloads at 0 when using this?


No, you set them both to 1.