File showing up as reported automatically?

I’m trying to upload the first version of my new TTT map and yet for some idiotic reason it shows up as reported the very second it finishes uploading, before anyone has seen it or downloaded it. I tried uploading it twice and it happened both times. Here is the file in question:

Can this be removed? The map won’t be distributed as long as this false reported thing shows up.

Same thing for me, It’s probably happening on everyone’s uploads.
The files are probably flagged to be checked by moderators before it’s used by the public. Like a double check sort of thing. That’s my guess anyway…

I suppose that’s possible, but it seems that stuff on the front page for most recent were not affected by it. So SOME people must be getting by without this.

I have no idea what’s causing it, anything I upload is auto-reported.

Well, I contacted about the problem with my files and they got it all fixed.
I suggest you do the same thing.