File size.

There is NO need whatsoever for a 450 megabyte file.

Some people don’t have the fastest internet connection. Yeah it sucks but I deal with my pingtimes, let me play my game.

So when I download a patch and it fails to validate

And I have to download a 450mb file because it failed to validate

When I downloaded the same 450mb file yesterday because it failed to validate

I feel like I’m wasting my time and it’s because the devs have for some reason tossed everything they could into one file for the purposes of Steam.

I don’t have 450mb worth of errors. I have a couple bits worth of errors. Lumping everything together into one file means I’m going to spend WAY longer than I need to re-downloading ALL of that data when I only need what should be no more than a few kilobytes worth of files.

It’s bad for the players. It’s bad for your servers. It’s dumb. Split your files for steam the way they’re split for you. Keep hashing at the level you’ve got it, but add additional recursion. When that 450mb “file” which is actually a folder in disguise fails to validate, then hash its children and chase down the errors. Recurse. Might be more than 1 error, so don’t early-pass quit the checks. Then mark 10-100kb worth of files for re-downloading and save me a literal hour with an average of 180KB/s speed.

Never had this problem before, the problem is most likely on your end, I’d say either your hdd not saving the files properly or your ram failing and corrupting the files.