File sorting?

Since there’s sooo much useless crap on like Kill Breen missions,crappy Adv dupes and shit and some stuff thats useful.
Why doesn’t garry or someone sort the addons into Useful,Cool and Junk?

Useful - Useful stuff
Cool - Addons that are cool to have
Junk - Kill breens,Adv’s and shit

i don’t want to waste 30 fucking minutes trying to find a addon in a pile of stupid Kill Breens and Adv dupes!

Who is to say what ‘useful’, ‘cool’ and ‘junk’ is?
It depends of your preference.

it would be nice if we had actual categories for files, so we could do searches in categories and the results wouldn’t be polluted by stuffs that are completely unrelated.

Like sifting through load of adv dupes, when you are looking for some cool sents addon or not being able to search for maps only.

That would really be nice, and since you already have a list of the “content” of the files it would not be too difficult to sort “crudely” all the old files.

if it contains an info.txt --> addon/gamemode
if it’s bsp --> map
if it’s background.vtf --> delete (:D)