File Upload Problems

I have this problem where every file I upload gives this warning:
WARNING: This file has been reported! It may be dangerous! Download at your own risk!
I don’t understand this seeing as each file has just been uploaded. Is anyone else getting this problem or is this just an isolated incident?

EDIT: Now it was deleted. I know that my file has no viruses or anything.

Just reupload it then. I think it’s probably someone going around and randomly flagging files for laughs.

files with exe and dlls I think are auto reported

It’s happened on my lua only Uploads as well, and it happens right after I upload it so I don’t think it is someone flagging the uplaod.

Upload something and link me to it. I’ll test if perhaps it sets off false positives.

To ensure I get it, email me at TJFadness-at-gmail-dot-com… I don’t know how often I’ll be checking here.

Basicly on non text based, model based or texture based files. I got it from having a html shortcut. It got removed. Shame. It had a folder structure for SVNing files, and links to the tortoise svn website.

Well maybe link us to it so we can see, with most cases you’ll find that if your uploading something you don’t own, it wont be there long.

Things not allowed in files (incomplete list)

Website links
just txt files
exe files

It’s not someone else work, and one was a Lua SWEP I made.

Can you post the content here?
There might be strings in the coding that is triggering autoreport

I’ll have to find it on my computer, but it was a SWEP for a whore class on DarkRP. It was very simple. Anyways, I doubt it’s the code anyways. It happens with every file no matter what it is.