File wasn't a zip file? YES IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe this. I have worked on an addon for a very long time, and Garry is forcing us to put it into Toybox?
Yes, I know there is already a thread for this, but really? is toybox that important?

Can’t put bad backgrounds or awful adv dupes on toybox :smile:

Although, I had something I worked on for a while which I wanted on too…

I don’t use toybox. Last time I used it, I created a script to kill any friendly gnomes which spawned. Serves them right for shooting me :@

Yep, Toybox is definitely intuitive, don’t get me wrong. But most of the good addons are still on

Make sure your zip is being compressed with Deflate. Any other compression method probably doesn’t work. As a rule of thumb, if windows explorer can’t open the zip file, it won’t work on

-snip- Nevermind.

@ Kogitsune What is Deflate??? I use JustZipIt or CAM UNZIP to zip my files…

Hmmm… I have the same problem. I have Windows 7 and I just use the “Send to… -> Compressed Zip File” feature for uploading. It worked before, but now it’s not. Maybe Garry is forcing me to use the Toybox…?

That is exactly what I think… :smiley:

Yeah, you guys appear to be on to something, I can’t even start an upload.

Maybe is being phased out in favor of the toybox?

rema,e the zip file to if u have to becuse that works for me