Files Are Needed For G.E.C.K / Future Fallout 4 Mod

I’m going to release some mods for fallout 4 as soon as the G.E.C.K is released, its going to be WW2, And Modern Weapon Pack I Have Modern Weapons Files Parsed, Edited In Vegas’s G.E.C.K, And On Standby For FO4 but ww2 weapons are the harder bit due to lots of old dead links and aged files. Drop A File To Me on Drive @ Or Link A Working DL Area that would help tons


  1. Colt M1911
  2. Mauser C96


  1. KAR98k
  2. Spingfield M1903
  3. M1A1 Carbine
  4. M1 Grand
  5. STG 44
  6. PPSH 41
  7. MP 40
  8. MG 42
  9. FG 42
  10. Browning M1918•
  11. Winchester M1897 Trench Gun

Call of Duty World at War has all those models.
If you do not have that game go to, they have all sorts of stuff there.

I tried some, but most are dead ill look some more