Files don't save!

I have a problem with my gmod.
When i join a server and i download all the files needed (wich takes serveral hours…is this normal?) the next time i join that server again i have to download all the files again.
And when i see hes downloading the map and then something else i go look into my maps folder in gmod and it’s not here.
It’s like he downloads the files and let me play using them but don’t save them or something :s
This is very annoying as it takes a very long time to download the files.
I also got a error when i finally joined the server: “lua cache couldn’t be downloaded. Server is misconfigured”.
Maybe that is causing the problem.

Help would be VERY appreciated!

NOTE: My specs are fine for this game.

Could be the DUA that’s conflicting this.

Go to Program Files/Steam/steamapps/<username>/garrysmod/garrysmod/cache

Delete ALL the DUA’s you find there. You’re basically going to delete the server’s information and re-download them when you join again.

I have a folder called DUA but theres nothing in there, maybe that’s why i have to download everything over and over again?

what? don’t go to the DUA folder, go to the cache folder and delete the DUA’s you find there (should be random numbers/letters)

Ok it doesn’t work :s it’s like he downloads the files to another location because hes not downloading the files to my gmod folder.
That’s why it looks like i don’t have the files and have te redownload again.

The problem is that the server either uses a FastDL redirection which doesn’t have any files on the host or they have “sv_allowdownload” set to 0 without using a FastDL. (sv_allowdownload should be set to 0 when using FastDL redirection). You simply get this Lua misconfigured error because the server owner or developer doesn’t know that cache should be placed at the FastDL aswell. I’m pretty sure everyone who tries to join that server gets that issue.

But there’s something that’s not right though… You said you were downloading the map, and actually could play the map, but when you checked your garrysmod folder, it wasn’t there right? That’s pretty much impossible unless your game actually deletes the files when you disconnect from the server or exits Garry’s Mod.

Bump. I have the same problem.

Anyone knows how to solve it?