Files downloaded everytime? Help?

Ok so I run a server,
Each time someone joins, they have to dl Durgz models and Mad Cows custom guns. How do I make it so they download it once and keep it, and not have to redownload? :\ it’s like 150 files each join.


Bump ftl!

Do you have a fast download and all the files in the correct places yada yada…

Everything is in the right place. D:
I put the folder(s) in addons.
It’s been like this, forever.

How does one check if the server is “Fast Download”
It downloads not slow, that’s for sure. It’s a good host. :3

ah, I see I have sv_downloadurl “

I use XenonServers, do I need to pay extra for a web hosting…?

I think you need to put that (as-is) in your server.cfg file, on a line of its own.

Your sv_download url is incorrect. The last directory is supposed to be /garrysmod.