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I am working on a Perp server but i can never test it. Every time i connect i have to download 91 of the largest files you have ever seen. And i thought well i can just manually transfer them into my garrysmod folder. However they are no where to be found on the server, in gamemode content, in the materials folder, addons nowhere. What should i do. Would fast download solve this issue?


It’s worth a shot.

il set 1 up, u know if it takes me an hour to dl 90 files then what would it be like for guests

If you would play perp sometimes, you would have seen that each server, has a content download. On their website… This means: You’ve to put the content pack inside your GMod, I don’t know in which folders, but, then you don’t have to download these anymore.

fixed but heres the new issue, when i join i get some err that says searching for something then it makes me re-connect, and repeat, and so on … what now? do u have any idea

You would help us if you tell us what it is looking for …

il get a screenshot within the hour lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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here are pics of what is happening

does anyone have an idea whats wrong and how i would fix it