Files mysteriously being removed.

This is mainly a question for Garry. Since the file was up for years and there was no problem and it just vanished. I noticed a little while back that the two most downloaded maps on the site were removed. Mine which is RP_Evocity_v2d and The Pro’s RP_Downtown_v2. I want to know WHY they were removed and why I cannot seem to get it to reupload. It times out halfway through. I tried putting it on toybox too. No luck. I know my map was uploaded by my co-mapper. I allowed him to upload that one since I uploaded v1. It had about 400,000 downloads which astonished me to say the least. I keep getting messages and emails asking why it was removed. I also would like to know if anyone else’s files were deleted.

I would also like it readded.

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Anyway, it may be a glitch in the site. Try contacting Garry. If all else fails…

I was wondering the same thing, I was trying to download the map from
For absolutely no reason, I couldn’t. Shit is fucked.


I noticed is unusualy slow lately. Maybe something is broken and these files will be back online when it’s fixed.

It’s been a couple months…

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I get a feeling that is about to be replaced by toybox, once they get their p’s and q’s straight. Just a hunch, but it would explain the attention. Daily on toybox , once a week on (it seems).

I’m not moving to toybox until you can upload full addons and use them outside of toybox.

garry said he wouldn’t do this.

Yes. And wont be removed till toybox goes multiplayer (Right?)