Files Wont Download

I dont know whats wrong. I have tried so many things. BUT Nothing from servers that have FastDL and I know they do, will download. Its bothering me. I cant download maps upon joining, or models, or anything else. I dont know what to do. Please help. I know the servers have FastDL too. Im at the point where I want to run into a steak knife repetitively.

There’s a setting within options where you can set whether custom content downloads, maybe you changed it once and forgot?

That is set up to work as well. I have allow all custom files from server. Sadly, I still cant download

Have you tried renaming your garrysmod folder so it creates a fresh install of Garry’s Mod?

No… What should i rename it to?

Anything, just change its name then start Garry’s Mod. It will create a ‘fresh’ installation.

Ok I did that, still no help. This is bothering me, I used to be able to download anything. Now I have a new computer and I cant.

BUMP (Still not fixed) It fixed itself for a while, then it stopped. I have reinstalled garrysmod numerous times. I have reinstalled steam, repaired steam. I dont know. Its depressing at this point. My computer is brand new, Windows 8 (incoming troll) 64bit, fucking great graphics, 1 TB memory. Someone please help me. Im at the point where im going to run straight into a steak knife.