I need help writing data to txt files and creating the text files if needed.

I want it to be in data folder, then inside another folder.

Do I make multiple file.Write() or just 1?

If you want to put a text file inside a folder, just put the folder name as a part of the path and it will automatically be created.


Will automatically create a “YourDir” directory.

What if I just want to add onto the file and not re-write it?





Is is possible to take the text from a DTextEntry and remove all the new lines from it, so it is one big line.(even though it has multiple lines when it was originally typed)


I am only testing my script, I haven’t added it to my server, so how would I make it make the files on the servers data folder and not the clients folder.

you would need to use console commands, and for getting rid of newlines:
string.gsub(<some string>, "
", “”)

500 posts heh

Explain more about how to make it create the file on the server and not the clients.

Also I am having trouble getting my script to work.

It is just derma and the txt files that it writes, where would I place things.

I am a complete newb to lua.

If you want to create a file on the server, use **[File.Write](**

You need to read the thread before you post. The OP knows how to write to a file, but he wants to know how to write a file to the server from a client.

How about someone answers my question for once?

Send the data to the server using concommands.

Use datastream instead of concommands:

Datastream uses concommands.