Filesystem_steam.dll Error

Hello all i have for my question today is there is a problem with my game Counter-Strike: Source. When i try to load it i get the following error “Unable to load c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps(my username)\counter-strike source\bin\filesystem_steam.dll”. I dont know anything about this error just that ive been trying to fix it for about a month now. I also have another with the games Garry’s Mod and Team Fortress 2. The error i get on these games is “CFileStstem_Steam::Init() failed: failed to find steam interface”. It would be great for you help and i would love to get back to my gaming :P. Thanks.

help plz??

i have been looking at things for like firewalls and the whole dxlevel 80 thing and run as administrator but none work

Did you try deleting that file and re-running CSS?


it just makes a new one


is this unfixable?

hahahahahahaha thanks for thehelp and support guys



FIXED had to disable ingame community