"Fill the tank, shoot the guy and drive off?"


I love Harley Quinns lines. Editing probably sucks, but meh.

Alternate Version


Blood could use some highlights and shadows in it to give it a non dusty look and posing seems a lil off

Also could use some face posing on both (if harley does have it on her dunno my model wont work)

Harley’s got zero faceposing, and i’m bad at blood in Photoshop. I just reinacted what i thought getting shot in the face would look like, and i posed it after that. If you could further explain what you mean by shadow and highlight the blood, i’d be happy to try :slight_smile:

like the sunlight hitting the blood creates white spots (light reflecting) and dark spots (blood shadowing on blood) so try to give it some highlights in it, unless the blood is on the camera it will have more shades of red then 1

I see, let me try to re-edit.



yeah a lil better still a lil bit of blurry blood, I saw you posted this up in the edit my SS thread so I went ahead and tried still not happy with it but hey

Toned down the muzzle flash a lil, toned down the blood a lil

Thanks! Wasn’t sure how big the muzzle-flash was supposed to be for a handgun, and the blood looks decent. Much better then mine.

eh it was a quick job but i was bored lol you got her holding a 9mm(or something close) so really i dunno i’m not a gun expert but it would be little to no muzzle flash.

The guy is bleeding strawberry jam :v:

That muzzleflash is horribly small in bloodworks version. Have you ever fired any sort of pistol before?

Devon lets see the bullets about 20 feet away, its a SMALL pistol… like I said it would be little to NO muzzle flash. Question is have you ever fired a pistol?

it needs a lot of work… it’s not a bad idea, but there’s aspects of this picture that are incorrect. the muzzle flash should be smaller. you need some AA, and the blood looks brushed on. there’s blood brushes(if you’re using photoshop) online if you need them.

I can tone down the muzzle-flash, AA is up to 6, and, when i tried the blood brushes i currently have, it looked like it was on a completely different layer, but i’ll keep looking.

I have and it spat out a 3 foot flame (Was a Taurus 38. Super)

Picture is pretty bad overall. Camera angle leaves waaaaay too much empty space, and has no cinematic quality. Lighting of the map is boring and doesn’t fit the scene at all. Posing is pretty stiff.

And why the hell did you pick Harley Quinn? She just looks random.

I’m not going to give one of my crazy realism comments so…
Good Try =D

Well, that hurts. Oh well, C&C appreciated. And it’s Harley because she says those lines in one of Batman episodes. I pictured it in my head and this was born.

edit: It was in the episode Joker’s Millions

The ferrari’s suspension is too low

Question tho was it that big with the bullet 20-30 feet away? also what grain did you use I never seen a small pistol throw out 3 foot flash

Well the bullet was in the target as soon as the flash dissipated… so yea. And I’m not sure of the grain (didn’t care to check)

kk its def no biggy lol i was just wondering cause a 3 foot flame on a 38 is irregular, my 32 barly flashes at all, and actually no flash is visible unless its night