[film] Hitman "The Hitting"

Hello everybody. Please check out my new series, i hope it… hits… you in the right spot…

this is based on a fanfiction i’ve wanted to do since 2010. i don’t remember how i found it, but if you know hitman that you’ll understand why this is so hilarious!

haha have a good day!


Oh hey, you completed it! Good work, it is funny.

these were surprisingly good, great job

“An RPG with a silencer” :v:

I died. This is fucking glorious. Straight-up every bit as good as Half-Life Full Life Consequences.

I hope you do Part 2.

These are fucking great!

Great to see a new chapter for it, these have been a bright spot in my otherwise dull summer :v:

Didn’t know you posted on Facepunch, seibmoz! Nice work completing these!

This is amazing! I love the animation, it’s really well done.

Great work!

This is great, gonna watch the rest.