[Film project in S2FM and other tools] Star Wars Crusaders

Im glad to show off Star Wars Crusaders, the film project im making in Source 2 and with the tools

honestly, animation should be out there for this engine ya know, i mean you have komegatze and few others like me who would do more with sound design with vmix and sound editor, good quality and atmosphere in the setting in animation

i wanna give a cheers to some lads that stuck around for my film project and WIPs of stuff in it

Created starfighters for The Eternal Order (stronger than the galactic empire)

see yous around and thx again to some friends!


Looks Awesome! Great Work!

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tyty! suprising work done on the eyes here with bodygroups!

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This is looking very good, I’ll definitely watch it once it’s out

Thanks for clarifying, I’m assuming that the main character will also need to be stronger than any of the previous star wars character, to rise up according to the challenge of course.

well Jarlie, since hes 15, he’ll have unbalanced emotions and raw power (maturity and mood) he’ll partner again with his jedi friend (takan lorra) during luke’s time of the order

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This reads like a weird fanfiction, but good luck I guess. The cartoon like models look like they stand out quite alot too - the lighting is pretty underwhelming and flat, almost fullbright-looking on the second preview picture containing the ships.

Oh man, can’t wait for what the animation community will do with s&box.
Great stuff :+1:

oh about that Steam Workshop::S2FM - Session with Fixed Lights combined with direcitonal lights

but yeah nothing is final yet with vfx and lighting or look and feel with stuff (and yes this is reimagined sequel trilogy)

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