Film set problem...

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Breaking the laws of physics?
That’s easy!

Dude its gmod, it egaculates in the face of physics.

Its a physics sandbox.

and its spelled “Ejaculation” or “ejaculates” :science:

And an answer to your problem, I suppose something like NO COLLIDE Would work. Or some good camera angles or… Why am i telling someone how to make gmod movies in the gd? bring your problems to the correct sub forum dumbass.

Its a very general questions so im asking in the GD ok? And no i already tried NO COLLIDE, it doesn’t work.

Garry’s Mod discussion goes in the proper Garry’s Mod board.

ok well im very sorry for putting it in the wrong forum, but could i still get some helP?

Not very many people from garrysmod discussion come to GD. You’re better off taking this to the video subforum.

You just got banned like a week ago for posting in the wrong section. Please take a quick second to read before posting. If a moderator could move this, that would be great.

To be honest, your best bet would probaly be to Greenscreen the lazer/bullets (This will require some video editing)

Either that, or you’ll need a custom SWEP that fires lazers/bullets through props.

Just a question: Do the bullets and lasers still have to have physical properties? I.E: Killing people after passing through the prop?

Maybe you can find some way for it to work, if not, use phys_timescale to slow it way down.

Or, maybe you can do phys_timescale 0, shoot the bullets, noclip it with the prop you are trying to shoot through, then put it at .01 or something to cap it in slow motion.

Thats a very good question, no they do not have to have physical effects or infact really be bullets/lasers, they just have to looks like the real thing.

I was thinking about doing it holographically, do you think thats a good idea?

why not just use the physgun (while set to invisible) look through a camera you’ve set up, and use a shell effect? effects automaticly dont collide with anything.