I have an independent film company called Dead Flesh Films, we specialize in horror films, and one of my friends recommended that we should try using Garry’s Mod to make an animated film. I need some people do to map making, modeling, lip syncing and so forth since my computer cannot do several of those and the team are lacking in the skills to do the others.
Anyone who helps will receive their names in the credits of the completed film, and be considered part of our team.
Unfortunately due to budget issues we don’t have a website, if your interested reply to this thread, or email the team at . This will be our first online release and would like to ask anyone to help us if they are interested.
Also, due to connection issues thus far, we are unable to hire any actors not from Australia, but will be happy do allow their voices to be used, sorry for any troubles.
As much help as we can get will be appreciated.

The Dead Flesh Films Team.

Can I be ideas guy?

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Argh dammit, that’s already taken.

Well you can always help

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My bad, it technically is a Garry’s Mod “film”

Technically it isn’t about the website is it?

read: we’re 12 year olds and mommy won’t let us use her credit card

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No shit sherlock

Pray tell, what is this “team” of yours actually going to do?

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oh my god i sounded so much like a snob then

Wait, im pointlessly posting?


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