Filming in Garrysmod: Multiplayer Bloopers + Cancelled Projects

I was a little weary of posting this here since I usually put up serious content, but over the years I’ve collected a montage of cancelled projects and things going wrong. This won’t be as funny if you haven’t seen the other videos we’ve made, so If you want to see actual quality content of the completed projects just visit my channel and Radioactive Pictures.

Since I’m officially retired from making Garrysmod Machinimas, this is the last bang.

This is also why I did the majority of videos in singleplayer… Enjoy.


There’s something in the mist. It’s T-800 pushing Osama in a shopping cart.

I’m just going to dump this here since I just uploaded it, this is where some of the bloopers came from. This is the kind of stuff I usually create, not just throwing ragdolls around and yelling.


you are talented.

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What the hell, that was amazing. Is that a series? Did you do more of that?

I had a lot more footage for chapter 2, but I just lost time to make the rest after the garrysmod update came out, people were switching to SFM, college stuff got in the way ect…

This is the only clip I managed to keep from chapter 2.

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