Filter server downloads

What’s up facepunch,
sitting here with my ass kicking internet speed at 80kb/s and the server doesn’t even know what downloadurl is. So i was wondering, is there anyway to filter out those stupid sounds/materials and models and only download the important stuff like lua, fonts and data files?

that would be great!

cl_downloadfilter none

well that just all together stops any downloads…lol

Yeah i know, and playing on a server without downloading luas usually results in bugs and lack of weapons/entities and spawn menus. Therefore we’d need a cl_downloadfilter models & textures, could probably be done using a dll.

Isn’t there something in the options that disables sounds/materials/models. Let me check quick.

EDIT: Afraid it’s just sounds.

Just add what you WANT, not what you don’t want:

cl_downloadfilter bsp dua lua

Works fine guys, and I just tested it.

EDIT: I have found this to work, so don’t 'ate before you try!