Filtering Spectator Deatmatch From Damage-logs

Hi so I have been trying to stop Tommynators damage log from displaying damage that has been done by players in spectator deathmatch because it fills up my logs and sometimes overflows a buffer when it tries to send the round logs to an admin.

I put this code below in to stop the RDM report popups and it works.

if LocalPlayer().IsGhost and LocalPlayer():IsGhost() then return end

However I have not been able to find where I can put this in to stop the spectator deathmatch damage from saving to the damagelog.

Can someone advise me on what LUA file I need to edit to prevent the damage from showing up is.

Show me proof that you bought it and I’ll tell you exactly how to fix it.
Tommynator is a nice guy, it’s weird you didn’t contact him first, don’t you think.

What ??? The damage-logs are free / open source.


But if your talking about the deatmatch script I used the simple TTT spec deathmatch script as base code and fixed all the bugs that Exile promised to fix but never did then I did lots of other things to it like randomly spawn with a weapon so you don’t have to walk around looking for one and I added random events like knife only spectator deathmatch and I improved the overall script because it was pretty damn nasty.

Below is proof that I purchased the script.

I think he’s talking about this one:

Sorry, thought you owned tommynators SpecDM.

Nope they both use the IsGhost() function to check if a player is in deathmatch. So does anyone know how to remove the deathmatch damage from the logs.