Fin only Biplane similar to the Nieuport 28.

Hello everyone. As you may know I am always building planes and most of them are terrible.

However I have made a Biplane with all the major control surfaces. Because they were my main aim i did not make an engine as of yet. So for now it just uses a motor.

Please take a look at the video and let me know what you think…

Download link - <

Youtube video -

From the front ( I know the tips of the wings are a bit blocky, but aesthetics weren’t my main concern on this first release)

Looks OK I guess. You lose points for leaving the PHX materials. At least materialize STool it man.

To be honest I tries LOTS of different textures and it’s weird that this one looked the best.

Anyways as I said earlier my next release will concentrate on the aesthetic side of the plane.

Please, don’t use ropes :confused:

How about no, These planes use ropes IRL.

True, but the upper wing doesn’t float on it’s own now does it?

No it is also welded, the ropes are more of a design choice.

I meant in real life.

Oh, Stronger wooden beams do that XD

I don’t see them on yours.

So what do you reckon guys, Shall i go for a v2 ?

Yes, yes you should.
looks quite Sexy to be honest. make another one with something new C=

How did you make the fuselage so beautifully smoother and perfectly tapered like that?

The ailerons are the worst i have ever seen. No offense. Try to incorporate them into the wing, and then use wire hydraulics. Despite that, i like it.

it’s a custom prop. this looks really nice.

Yep, I totally agree with you. I did use rounded edges, however they did not respond as well as the current ailerons do. I am also working on the hydraulics to replace the winches.

The fuselage is a custom prop made by GGigabite. He helps a lot with my plane designs.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys, Keep it coming :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok just finishing up V2 now, I have rounded the wings and added an engine !


Ok so here is V2 finished after about 7 hours work. (Had to redo ALOT of things)

Added a wired engine.

Rounded wing tips.

Added cockpit dials.

Revisited ailerons.

Different livery

So what do you guy’s think?

Here is the new link :

I think you did a great job, the only thing i dont like is the wing tips floating away from the other props. Use easy precision to get rid of that. Looks sweet though.