Fin tool 2 tutorial, controle surfaces.

Here is a fin tutorial i think will help many people with making planes controled with fin, and other things.


You should keep bloom off for tutorials. Makes PHX look like bright angelic plates.


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You have made me very very happy.

Can you release a dupe of the controllable one. (the throw plane is great fun) I tried to make it controllable through your tutorial and expression. It essentialy works but it keeps spazing no mater what I do with the wieght stool.

Due to the adv dupe craping stuff up, i cant. I know theres a trick with the weights and stuff i use. but it rearly works.

I hear you. Oh well the throwplane never ceases to entertain me anyway. Ill try some more, you expression makes the mix easy. Much easier than using duel imputs.

BTW Love your sailplane

EDIT: I did it! I made it controlable and it controls prerfectly! It also transfers fine over adv. dupe. I used duel imputs instead of your expression. For whatever reason that stopped the spazz problem. I used your original throwplane. Mind if I release? I shall give all due credit.

EDIT: Do you have the svn of adv. dupe? It transfers everything fine for me. (I updated it recently and it works perfectly.)

I fix it by just increasing hydrualic length but will try it. Sure you can release it, no prob.

I havent delved to far into E2 so I used duel imputs. It achieves the same control.

… We need to get all the fin kings together… GMOD AIRFORCE!

Thanks for the tutorials! Now maybe i can make something that flies like a real plane.

Will you release your GM_soar map?

I made my own throwplane, but the fins are to powerful for it to control properly. Yours is simply amazing


I just had an idea for a map that would be great for things like this. What if you were to make a soaring course? A long deep twisting canyon that twists through a map close to maximum size or maximum size. Of course we need thermals and a meathod by which to visualize them. Circling birds? And of course we need a nice rock texture.

As gm_slopes shows, you have a skill for combining functionality and form.

I sense a gamemode…

Oh yeah, can I have the E2 you used for Mixing your slope runner? Now that I was successful with the standard design, I want to try a flying wing. Unfortunatly I cant use my method as it can not handle the required four imputs. I believe what you essentially coded was a quad imput as apposed to my duel.

Edit: (what is it the fifth edit now?)

I have made a sailplane that uses fin contoll surfaces for just the map I was talking about. Its beautiful, fun, and functional. The rudders work simultaniously with each other and the ailerons so the plane yaws when it banks. Some of my best work. Took me about three hours. It was worth it.

She consists of seven metal plates, two bathtubs, hydraulics, Many fences, and a dock pole for the fusalage. This plane glides nicely. (could use some tuning) It would be quite fun in a map like the one I discribed.

Thanks for all the tutorials, as my plane would have been impossible without them.

I apriciate your help and love your duplications.

Your plane looks realy nice! and for the map idea… If you want I will start making it today, cause I can just imagine epic sailplane races, and then in the middel of the map you have your thermal, Il put some dust clouds or something to show it. So I wont release the gm_soar, that was acctualy a crappy map that i just made to test it.

ahh thank you. I cant get any sailplane maps anywhere. ^ yes I love her. Just overhauled the cockpit with unnessesary guages and tweaked the glide. Its now much more efficent. I look forward to the map.

You sir, are my new hero

Start the map as soon as you can. This could be made amazing. Epic glider races… Like FSX

You should open a thread for the map

*LOL my hundredth post

…I should upload a video of my sailplane. She’s not as swift as yours but im working on it.
When I started building I orginally intended for a powered transport. Thus the practicality. I never play multiplay build, but will lan with my brother without noclip so I wanted means of rapid transport.

I’d like to get a map like that. It’d be perfect for flying.

I just built an insanely fast and agile plane that would be great for this

I’ve been trying to put one together, but have been having issues.

I used the super flat plates for the wings. I used the stacker tool to make a giant ring of the plates, at a 15 degree dihedral angle. I use some slightly shorter ones for the horizontal stabilizer and fin.

My issue is that the dihedral wings don’t keep the plane flying straight. It glides alright for the first bit, then it slowly enters a spiral dive before entering a tail spin. I don’t have much experience with scale aircraft, so what could be causing this?

Can I see a pic? Its probably has something to do with where and at what angle you applied the fin. Perhaps one of your fin tool shots landed on the thin part and this would cause imense drag and tailspins. Can I have a pic of the plane and fin settings?

I’m sure I applied everything correctly:

The wing plates have an efficiency of 28% and use lift by plane normal with thermal.

The fin uses no lift and 90% efficiency on both sides.

The horizontal stabilizer uses 60% efficiency and no lift on the top face.

The weight on front is 200, and I also made the fuselage weigh 200

The pictures below show the flight path. I put trails on the outer wing plates, and the fin:

It looks to be one of two things, either you missed a plate on one of the wings, or the plane is flying half way into a thermal and catching lift under one wing. Try it again without thermal to test it.

Very nice tutorial, but a lot of the things you mentioned are undefined. Next time get a good idea of the technical background on something so you can reword it the best way possible for people to understand easier.

I know I did all three plates. If I had missed one it would flip over much quicker then that. If that thermal is true then that evil part of the thermal is everywhere…but meh. I’ll give it a go.

EDIT: Removing thermal didn’t help.