Fin tool dolphin and fish, works well.

A dolphin with life support, swims only with the fin tool.

Here is a video:

And of the fish:

Clever, if hideous. Nah, it’s not that ugly. The eyes make it cute.


Looks more like a whale.

Gold star.

Funny, I was thinking of doing something like this. A squid, using Pulleys and whatnot.

I was going to power my submarine internally with a sign wave sort of finned thing.

What is the name of the Sonic Adventure song in the first video I want it.

wrong reply


How did you know it was from sonic?
It’s called red mountain

How did you equal out the buoyancy?


grin I sort of cheated, I have invisible floating barels welded to the matal plates.

^Lol. Whatever, it is still cool.

Finally, something original! Gold star for a great idea!


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Dates, you idiot, the DATES!


This is cool as hell

even though it’s 2 years old

Stop bumping old threads. Look at the dates.