Fin2 propeller Help.

I’m trying to make planes using nothing but acf and fin tool. However I am having a really hard time making a propeller with just fin and props. I see videos of people making fast planes with fin propellers but each time i try to make one it could only make the vehicle go up to 20 mph. If you know how to make a propeller then can you tell me how to make one myself or things i should do to give it more power. I’ll highly appreciate it.

Note: i already tried increasing the max power of the fin over 100 but it make the propeller struggle to rotate and when it does rotate at a proper rpm but i still get only 20mph on the ground

Make sure the blades are at an angle compared to the propeller base. If you’re using fin efficiency over 100, make sure it’s no lift and the efficiency is around 2-3000.

What do you mean when you say that the angle compared to the propeller base?

I wish i can understand this. The blades on the propeller is on what i think is 45 degrees. If i can ill try to upload a picture of the propeller and hopefully u might be able to help me from there. (if u want to help anyways). Sorry if i’m making this harder than it should be.

Basically this but on the front of a plane.

i did something like this and still only get 20mph.

What engine/gearbox/fuel are you using, what gearbox settings, what fin settings, what’s the weight of the blades, and relative to that screenshot is it spinning clock-wise or counter?

3.8 radial engine with petrol fuel (but it wasnt link to the engine in the time of the screen shot), CVT Straight small, 100 no lift on the blades, each blade is 24 pounds, and on that screenshot the blades should be spinning left.

“100 no lift”

Note the three zeroes. Also make sure you have flat surface dynamics checked. If it still doesn’t go fast enough, use a more powerful engine and gearbox combo

Be warned, a good number of engines are able to make the propeller spin fast enough for crazy physics to kick in if you don’t have a low enough gear ratio thing. (Basically Source sees that the propeller is going over a certain rpm (lets say 3000) and assumes that the prop is spazzing out so it deletes it and everything attached to it. Under most circumstances this will delete the whole plane.)