Final Countdown | spy battle | a very short action movie

Just to let you know before watching this and before rating me, it was made very quickly you may not like it , but i thought of sharing this video here …

AGAIN it may suck so…

Here is the link:

Didn’t expect that.

what do you mean?

heh, I got a laugh out of it. But for the next one, the only part of the bullet that comes out of the gun is the gold-ish part in the front. The part in the back that looked gunmetal-ish and had crappy textures is the shell that would be ejected when he reloads. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that the gray part in the back clips through the barrel for BOTH of the guns. IRL, the part in the back with the crappy texture is what holds the gunpowder (or whatever the hell is in them these days).

yea i know, sorry about that , but the shell was too big and that was the only way to make it look like its coming out of the gun , plus the new hat tool is a bit difficult (for me) to control and use that’s why there wasn’t any movement of the hand and the gun after the shot , + i didn’t know how to make the fire effect ( shoot) .

i did the video in about 2 and a half hours , but thanks again for your comment