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This is a thread dedicated to the porting of Final Fantasy 13 + 13-2 models and other stuff to Garrysmod and Source Filmmaker.

Known Porters



Behemoths- Stiffy360


Lightning Farron- Kokurokoki


Lightning Farron Fixed Ragdoll


  • Included is a .txt file for the advance duplicator. Once you unzip the file file, place the .txt file in your “/data/adv_duplicator” folder of the Garry’s Mod directory.

  • If you have legacy, place the entire folder (minus the .txt file for the adv dupe) into the addons folder. If you do not, then place the files in the respective models and materials folders.

  • To use the model, open up the Advanced Duplicator tool and select the “Lightning Fixed Ragdoll - Stand Pose” from the menu. Open it, and then spawn it wherever.

  • Have fun with your new digital waifu.


  • Added posing for the clavicle bones and neck bone. Model now has full articulation of the body.
  • Lower half of the belt must be manipulated using joint tool (no way around this as adding more collision meshes would go over the 31 mesh limit and cause errors).
  • Fixed collision issues with bones that caused FPS drops when manipulating with the Joint Tool.


  • Jacket flaps are not articulated, certain movements of the clavicle bones will cause the shoulder and upper collar area to go through the jacket mesh. Will fix in a future update.
  • Hair is not rigged, so no hair posing. Will fix in a future update.
  • Does not work with Stand Pose Tool. Weapon holster goes through the pelvis. Making the bone unreachable and the model overall unsuitable for posing. Not sure how to fix this.

Lightning Farron (FFXIII-2 edition)- gabrielmlsa


In case you want to port models yourself, you can find the archives here.

Model archives courtesy of COKEORPEPSI50

Final Fantasy 13-2

Final Fantasy 13

If you port something and want it added to the op just pm me. If I did not give proper credit also pm me.


Good job. keep it up!

Had to resort to the physic gun for the behemoth, but the sniper’s face is priceless.

The links to the model archives no longer work since I moved things around. Use these links instead.

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Rev up those poses.

I’m working on the Vanquish ragdoll atm… so I’m putting FF13 on the backburner until I can finish that. It’ll be awhile though… :frowning:

Can somebody make the IK script for SFM?

I unfortunately don’t have SFM so I don’t know how to write an IK for them.

I think the Lightning model has an IK already so it might be usable.

In addition, let me know if the links to my models aren’t working.

This is a great model. With the model manipulator tool, you can make great poses with this model. It is up to the user to make great screenshots with them.

The only problems I’m still having with the model are the jacket flaps and the hair. I may be able to add more bones onto the hair once I’ve removed the face bones though.

Gotta fix the problem with the eyelashes disappearing when you shine light on her face as well. I believe it has something to do with the vmt files but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ll go back once I’ve finished with my Vanquish Model.

I don’t mean to rush, but are there any updates on this.

We’re still working and I’m still figuring out those facial flexes.

Do you have the FF13 weapons included in your models pack??? I don’t remember if you included those in there…

I’m actually almost done with the Lightning model. I just need to re-rig the cloth on her left shoulder and remove the hair bones. If you included her weapons from FF13 I can do those after I’m finished with the model and then release a Lightning pack. I plan to do a few more lightning models to include in the pack so it will take a bit more time I’m afraid… D:

EDIT: Actually I think it might take a bit longer than I thought. I’m gonna try to ditch the facebones once i have the facial flexes so that I can include more bones in the hair and the the cloth for maximum posability.

EDIT: For the sake of professionalism (or lack thereof xD) I thought it would be good to at least let the client know of the current progress.

Just finished rigging the cape to a custom bone. So far I have currently reduced the number of bones by 3. Now all that’s left to do is create a collision mesh and then make a qc. The textures can be done quickly enough.

EDIT: Added one more bone to the cape so you can do more dynamic posing.

Within the XIII models archive there is a folder labeled “chr” and within that is another folder labeled “weapon”


First face is Serah possessed by the Grudge lady.

Second face is Serah getting mad at Snow for forgetting their anniversary.

No sleep for me tonight.

Update for the requester.

The Lightning model now has face flexes. That’s pretty much all I have left to do now. Then it’s compiling and making some VTFs and we should be golden.

EDIT: Enjoy Lightning shitting herself silly…


Model is complete.

Whoa! Looks awesome! How soon shall you make it available for us others?