Final Fantasy 13 & 13-2 release thread

Yeah I’ve seen people posting a ascii of a dick on Lumina’s workshop, I fear the worse for poor Lightning…




I saw it too. Unfortunately I’ll never be able to unsee it.

I checked the comments section… saw nothing… o_O

This is what really, really annoys me about Garry’s Mod. Whenever a good quality female model is released, people will immediately request Player Model, NPC, and sexualize it. Whenever somebody request a female model, people will immediately assume that I want it for sex posing.

Case in point, check out my request for BF4’s Hannah and its responses.

Digitalero is a site where people can download nude version of some GMOD models.

The comments are probably reported and removed.

I ninja removed it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… welcome to the world of immature douchebags…

Why can’t I just have a cast of female models and characters to balance out my cast of male models and characters???


It’d honestly be a different story if this were an odd female character ported. Expect more “Too cool!” or “Wowee!” then “I got a boner lol” when someone decides to port Arcee or Slipstream from WfC. Try making prevy comments with these :D!:

people won’t give a fuck, they’ll ask for it without a shred of shame.

“Hell, I’d still hit it.”

Well this thread is going places… o_O

Any new updates?

I don’t plan on porting anytime soon any FF character, maybe some lightning outfits in future, but I’m working on other things now, Kokurokoki is working on Divergence and Equilibrium outfits and Ageha on any other thing, dunno about Stiffy tho.

I’m just settling in on my new install of windows and tying loose ends

(and making crummy snpcs for the heck of it)

any updates? if you guys are busy i understand

tumbleweed passes through thread

Edit: katra804, Come at me bro…you too, Darkfire0215 and lonefirewarrior

Can I rate my own comment dumb, too?

Edit: Seriously though, if there’s anyone willing to continue making models I’m willing to pay for them.

I’m pretty sure people will begin to rip more models from 13, when it comes out Oct. 9th for PC

Just gotta be patient.

we have the models, I just don’t got the motivation to do them. :v

I’ll give the dlc models another attempt though. hopefully the all share roughly the same skeleton n stuff.

As Stiffy already said, we have the models. I’m the one who extracted them. I just decided to bump the thread since no one had posted since August.

And speaking of the PC version, I can’t wait for it. I pre ordered it the second it became available.